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Soy protein concentrate

Protein raw materials for feed, soy protein concentrate (SBP). The purpose of this product is to help improve the digestion of young farm animals, fish, poultry and shrimp. Our studies show that soy protein will be more digestible if anti-nutritional factors are inactivated and soluble carbohydrates are removed. The described product went through these processes at one of the stages of production.


Moisture ≤9% Protein ≥65% Fat ≤1% Ash ≤6% Fiber ≤4.5%

Protein solubility (KOH) 70%. Particle size: 150 microns Packing: 25 kg Shelf life: 24 months

Scope of application:


When piglets are weaned, they can suffer stress, which negatively affects their survival and digestion. It is necessary to reduce the possibility of stress to a minimum and take care of the animal’s diet, soy protein concentrate, which contains practically no anti-nutrients, and also with a low level of indigestible carbohydrates and bacteria, will perfectly cope with this goal. Will not cause digestive system disorders in piglets. Also, SBK does not have a pronounced taste, which in turn does not limit its amount in use.


In the first week of their life, farm bird breeds, namely their uniformity in size, directly depend on feeding. With the help of a properly balanced diet, their development can be controlled, it is necessary to provide the young body with sources of easily digestible protein, energy and exogenous nutrients. As mentioned above, the soy protein concentrate presented on our website contains very few anti-nutritional substances, it does not contain pathogens. Has no specific taste (neutral), color and odor. These properties make it an indispensable source of animal protein for newly hatched birds. SBK is in demand not only in Russia, a number of Western countries are actively using it in the creation of feed rations.


Soy protein concentrate can also act as a vegetable protein source for fish and shrimp. The low content of antigens (genetically foreign substances), phosphorus and ash, pliability during the pelleting process open the way for SBC to the world of feed for aquaculture objects. Our company carries out an examination of each product, which guarantees its proper quality.

The body of young calves prefers to get the protein it needs from milk, which is mostly disadvantageous for farms. Because of this, you have to look for a less expensive, but in no way inferior substitute, one that will be easily absorbed by the digestive system of calves. SBR is the best choice in this regard, minimized anti-nutritional factors and low iron levels combine to provide a proven source of protein.

You can buy soy protein concentrate from EcoFeed in just a few clicks on the official website of our company, or by contacting us by phone / email. You will be consulted on the product, help you clarify the details.

Amino acids and minerals contained in the product:

 Amino acid  % g/100g squirrel Digestibility (%)
 Lys  4.23  6.51  95
 Met  0.91  1.40  94
 Met+Cys  1.89  2.91  94
Thr  2.73  4.20  94
 Trp  0.78  1.20  93
 Ile  3.19  4.91  95
 Leu  5.20  8.00  93
 Arg  4.94  7.60  97
 Phe  3.45  5.31  94
 Val  3.38  5.20  94
His  1.82  2.80  97


Mineral mg / 100g
 Ca  350
 P  800
 AP  240
 K  2,200
 Na  11
 Mg  335
 Cl  100
 Fe  15
 Zn  3.5
 Cu  0.0012
Heavy metals  <0.2

Additional Information:

Anti-nutritional factors:

Antigen activity
 <10 mg / kg
β-Coglycinin  <5 mg / kg
Trypin inhibitor  
      Agglutinin <1 mg / kg     
      Saponin 0     

Microbiological data:

total bacterial contamination  ≤50000/g    
Yeast and mold  ≤100/g
Salmonella negatively
 E.Coli negatively
Coliforms negatively


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