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About feed vitamins | EcoFeed
Vitamins are an essential ingredient in modern feed for farm animals and poultry. They do not have nutritional value, but are necessary for the body of animals to maintain normal metabolism, growth, reproduction and high productivity. The balanced vitamin nutrition of birds and animals guarantees a high vitamin value of the products obtained: meat, milk, eggs.

In the conditions of industrial production, animals become insufficient in the resources of their own body and the supply of vitamins, which must be produced by their own microflora, dries up. The lack or absence of vitamins in the composition of feed can lead to hypovitaminosis, as well as other diseases and pathologies in the body. The degree of assimilation depends on the ratio of vitamins to each other, their availability for the animal body, as well as on the balance of the diet as a whole.

High-quality vitamin nutrition ensures the development and growth of healthy livestock and increases resistance to disease. Other important benefits include a reduction in protein feed costs and an increase in the efficiency of feed nutrient assimilation.

The most important vitamins, the most popular at the moment, are A, D, B2, B12, E, PP, K, pantothenic acid and choline. The need of different species of animals and poultry for vitamins differs, especially for B vitamins: in ruminants, it is synthesized in the proventriculus, and pigs and poultry should receive them with feed. The absence of vitamin deficiency in the diet is an important factor in the high production of farm animals and poultry.

All feed vitamins supplied by us have the appropriate certificates. With EcoFeed, you can be confident in safety, efficiency, convenience and value. If necessary, our specialists are always ready to advise you and help you calculate the required dosage, taking into account the age and purpose of the animal.

Cooperation with EcoFeed is a profitable investment in the future of your business and caring for animal health!