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About carotenoids| EcoFeed
Beta-carotene is a provitamin A and belongs to the group of carotenoids. The addition of beta-carotene to feed is an important factor in improving the performance of cows, bulls, sows and boars, as well as the survival of the offspring. It stimulates the immune system, affects the vitality and fertility of the egg, and is an effective prophylactic agent for gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.

Beta-carotene input rate 10%:
• Sows and boars: 100-300 g / t feed.
• Dry cows: 100-200 g / t feed.
• Milking cows: 100-250 g / t feed.
• Laying hens: 100-165 g / t feed.

The addition of yellow and red carotenoids to the feed composition allows to achieve a natural beautiful pigmentation of egg yolk, skin color, subcutaneous fatty tissue, beak and legs in birds, as well as meat in salmon fish.

The yellow pigment is an extract from marigold petals.
• Used to increase the color intensity of egg yolks in the amount of 30-200 g / t feed, depending on the desired color saturation.
• For broilers: 300-1500 g / t feed.
Red pigment is a natural source of canthaxanthin 10%.
• It is used to increase the color intensity of egg yolks in the amount of 5-75 g / t of feed.
• For broilers: 50-100 g / t feed.
• For salmon fish 250 g / t feed.

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